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About Us

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Hi! Thanks for checking out the first bedroll made exclusively for Firefighters and EMS personnel….but also great for SUMMER CAMP Bedding & COLLEGE, or anyone on the go away from home.

Dori Sargent

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I have been a Firefighter/EMT in Florida for 17 years. For the first few years of my career, I used a sleeping bag because it was easy. I didn’t like them, but they are easy to roll up, store or throw in car to next station! They didn’t wash very well (but really, who washes sleeping bags anyway, eww! ). I then tried regular bedding, but my bed was a mess and I hated making my bed again in order fit in my locker! There’s just got to be a better way!

I figured out a way to attach the bedding so it would stay together, but still have plenty of foot room, leg freedom, and detachable when needing a wash. I also thought it was very unsanitary to sleep on shared mattresses, so I incorporated a thin mattress pad, a barrier if you would. There is also a large water/dirt resistant bag to put the bedding in when transporting.

Currently, the bedding fits TWIN & EXTRA-LONG twin bed (RollOut Bedding can also be used for college students, sports camps, training camps, summer camps, sleep-overs, overnight caregivers, truck drivers, camping, RV’s and boats! Great for toddlers and teens at home who hate to make their beds too!

Please allow 7-10 BUSINESS days after payment is received for delivery.

Feel free to email us rolloutbedding@gmail.com if you have questions.

Thank you for your service and dedication, be safe.
Dori Sargent



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